SMART – Basic goal setting (steps)

STEPS Goasl Setting

Goal Setting – Using SMART guideline to help athletes in establishing seasonal goals:

Specific – Goals stated must be specific, behavioral terms, within a given time duration and define standard of success. Plan long term goal follow by mid term goal and finally short term goals to focus on achieving. An example is to achieve kicking above shoulder level in a slow & controlled manner during Taichi routine.

Measurable – Goals must be quantifiable and progress must be measurable. An example is computing the success rate of movement during practices to measure improvement.

Achievable – Goals set must be achievable by athlete’s capability, both physically and mentally.

Realistic – Goals set must be realistic. The above goal set must be realistic with proper training planning by the coach and commitment by the athlete during training.

Timely – Goal set must be timely, that is it must be measurable, realistic and achievable. For example, a time frame of 10 weeks for progress to be seen in the improvement of the above technique is easily achievable by most athletes with proper guidance and commitment during training.


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