Enter event in text box

Normal java script

    function searchKeyPress(buttonName,e)
        var key;
              key = window.event.keyCode;     //IE
              key = e.which;     //firefox   
           if (key == 13)
              // do something
                    var btn = document.getElementById(buttonName);

<input id=”txtSearch” onkeypress=”searchKeyPress(search, event);” type=”text” />

Using JQuery

<script type=”text/javascript”>
         if (e.which == 13)
              $.get(‘text.ashx’, {
                       term: $(this).val()

                       //do something 
                        window.location = “”;

<input type=”text” id=”search”/>

NOTE: this only works well if there only one button in the web page or other buttons are default ones for other parts. If not, the other buttons may run before our function. In some cases, it does not work with textbox server control, so it is better if we use html control instead.


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