Verb + Preposition

Verb + Prep Example
base on The company bases salary on experience.
be absent from (a place) He was absent from class.
be accustomed to I am not accustomed to such behavior.
be acquainted with He is acquainted with many celebrities.
be addicted to ST He is addicted to heroin.
be afraid of I am afraid of spiders.
be angry at SO for ST I am angry at him for what he said.
be angry with SO for ST I am angry with him for what he said.
be annoyed at SO for ST He is annoyed at her for spending so much money.
be annoyed with SO for ST He is annoyed with her for spending so much money.
be anxious about ST I am anxious about the presentation.
be associated with He is associated with the company.
be aware of You are not aware of all the problems.
be blessed with He is blessed with great musical talent.
be bored by They were bored to death by his long speech.
be bored with The interviewers were bored with the repetitive comments.
be capable of ST He is capable of much more.
be cluttered with ST The room is clutter with boxes.
be committed to I am committed to improving my language skills.
be composed of The meteorite is composed mostly of iron.
be concerned about I am concerned about his smoking.
be connected to The DVD player is connected to the TV.
be connected with They are connected with the project.
be content with He is content with the results.
be convinced of ST We are convinced of her innocence.
be coordinated with ST Testing centers coordinated with the schools to set testing dates.
be crowded in (a building or room) It is crowded in the auditorium.
be crowded with (people) The auditorium is crowded with people.
be dedicated to She is dedicated to improving her grammar skills.
be devoted to He is devoted to his wife.
be disappointed in She is disappointed in her son’s improvement.
be disappointed with She is disappointed with her son for not improving.
be discouraged by He was discouraged by the high costs.
be discouraged from (doing something) They were discouraged from participating.
be discriminated against He discriminates against people who are different.
be divorced from SO Mary is divorced from John.
be done with ST He is done with the work.
be dressed in She was dressed in red.
be encouraged with The staff was encouraged with a profit-sharing program.
be engaged in ST He was engaged in that research for more than ten years.
be engaged to SO John was engaged to Mary for six months.
be envious of I am envious of you for having the opportunity to travel.
be equipped with ST The expedition is equipped with the latest gear.
be excited about I am excited about the opportunities.
be exposed to The workers were exposed to dangerous chemicals.
be faced with He was faced with many difficult decisions.
be faithful to They are faithful to their company.
be familiar with I am familiar with that program.
be famous for He is famous for climbing Mt. Everest.
be filled with The boxes are filled with clothes and books.
be finished with I am finished with my studies.
be fond of She is fond of her nieces and nephews.
be friendly to SO He is friendly to new coworkers.
be friendly with SO He is friendly with new coworkers.
be frightened by She is frightened by the coyotes calling at night.
be frightened of The kids are frightened of ghosts.
be furnished with ST The house is furnished with designer furniture.
be grateful to SO for ST I am grateful to you for your assistance.
be guilty of ST He is guilty of the crime.
be happy about ST I am not happy about the results.
be innocent of ST He is innocent of the crimes.
be interested in I am interested in astronomy.
be involved in ST He is involved in the program.
be involved with He is involved with many charities.
be jealous of John is jealous of Mary’s close friendship with Tom.
be known for ST He is know for his humor.
be limited to The speeches are limited to fifteen minutes each.
be made from ST The statue is made from old car parts.
be made of (material) The statue is made of metal.
be married to She is married to a famous politician.
be opposed to I am opposed to increasing tuition prices.
be patient with SO He is patient with his students.
be pleased with I am pleased with the results.
be polite to SO She is polite to the visitors.
be prepared for He is prepared for such questions at the conference.
be protected from The cave paintings are protected from vandalism.
be proud of He is proud of his son.
be related to She is related to the famous artist.
be relevant to That is not relevant to this conversation.
be remembered for ST He is remembered for his bravery.
be responsible for She is responsible for the new policies.
be satisfied with The teacher is satisfied with the test results.
be scared of She is scared of snakes.
be terrified of She is terrified of roaches.
be thankful for We are thankful for their help.
be tired from (doing something) He is so tired from jogging.
be tired of (doing something) He is tired of answering the same questions over and over.
be worried about I am worried about her.
beg for They begged for the answer to the riddle.
begin with Every sentence begins with a capital letter.
believe in He believes in ghosts.
belong to I don’t belong to that organization.
benefit from He benefits from the government assistance programs.
blame SO for ST He blamed his employees for his mistakes.
blame ST on SO He blamed the company’s failure on his employees.
boast about She boasted about her new Mercedes.
borrow ST from SO He borrowed money from me.

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